Blog Day 6 Moung Russey – Battambang

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Moung Russey is a tiny Cambodian town positioned on the highway number 5 only 50km south of the bigger Battambang. In this town there are no breakfast places open at 6 in the morning so we decided to buy breakfast in the market and eat in our guest house. Bananas, a few different type of bread, deep fried, baguettes and so on plus green oranges and bananas.  We had breakfast fast and then we jumped in Mr Dees van for a quick transport to Kampong Pling where we started the bike ride for the day. The first 15km was on the bumpiest road so far, smaller stones stuck in the road made it almost impossible to ride faster than 10km per hour.

After a while the road got better and we could speed up. After lunch we decided to take a different route along the river all the way in to the next town, Battambang. The final stretch of the day was on paved road and it was a joy to be back on that road for a while. As battambang is a bigger city the traffic was also immense. In Cambodian cities people drive all over the place and even though they drive slow it seems to be very dangerous to drive on these roads. After zigzagging through the streets of battambang we finally came to our hotel, the best of the whole trip. Seng Hout hotel has an amazing roof terrace with a view over the city. We had burgers for lunch and in the afternoon we decided to head to the nearby bamboo train for a ride on this primitive trains. It was great fun and the train actually went faster than we thought . If you ever pass Battambang you must try the train, they are fun and as far as we know they wont be running for much longer.

Thursday evening we went to a pizza place for a pizaa, we ordered 4 and got three, bit odd but the pizza place had run out of doe. Must be hard to make money in a pizza place without enough doe…..

But it was nice with some western food for a change. Tomorrow we have an early start so time to pop to bed early.

Good Night.

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