Day 7 Battambang to Angkor Wat

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Last day of the Bike ride kicks off at 4am, we are heading for the boat that will take us on a 7 hour journey through floating villages on a long long river. The morning was very cold and most of us were freezing for a few hours. But it was a beautiful morning. I loved it a lot, the sun rise looked amazing and it was great to see all these small canoes out and about in the early hours trying to catch some fish for the day. The floating villages we passed were sometimes massive but very small. Life on the floating villages must be relaxing but a bit odd. I think it would be interesting to stay there for a while at some point. After 6 hours we finally reached the Ton Le sap river, it was heading out on the ocean but we didn’t have to go far to reach Siam Reaps harbour and at 13.20 we were finally on shore again ready for the last few metres of biking. We headed on gravel roads towards Angkor wat temple. Once in the temple area there were many more Tuk Tuks and loads of tourists. The roads were great and it was fantastic to bike in the area passing one big temple after the other. We passed Ta Phrom, the jungle temple, and Bayon which is the central temple in the former Khmer Capital of Angkor Thom. After Bayon we headed to the front of Angor Wat where our trip would end. Outside Angkor we were greeted by 58 cambodian students with flags and balloons. It was a fantastic moment and even though I didn’t strat crying it was a relief to finally arrive there. Angkor wat is the main symbol for Cambodia and I think this meant that we in then had seen most pf the different versions of Cambodia, the ocean, the rice fields, the small towns, the gravel roads and then finally the main temple of them all.

The bike ride did go well and im already looking forward to the next one.

See you soon


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