Blog Day 3 – Kampong Spue – Kampong Chnang

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Up at 5, off to the market to buy bananas, baguettes and water, breakfast beside the road and then off on today’s ride. Today we had lovely country roads during the whole day. The first break was by a big lake with loads of lily pads. To stand there in the morning sun watching some of the fishermen in their small canoes fishing was a perfect start of the day. The rst of the day we spent on roads that aren’t visible on most maps, it is easy to get lost here and if you ask the locals they usually don’t know how to get to places further away than a few kilometres. We found the way and after passing a few hundred cows, a few wedding parties we made it to Kampong Chnang. Today the groups did well, it was hot but after a few days biking they all start to get fitter and they deal better and better with the heat. But around noon it is very hot now so we normally have a break every 12km or so.

Tomorrow we have a bit less on the bikes which is fine, the higglight of tomorrow is our journey on a small bamboo train. They are small, slow and not very comfy but at least it means we will get a small break from the saddles which will be great.

Tomorrow day 4.


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