Blog day 4 – Kampong Chnang – ….Pursat

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Today we had an exciting day laid out ahead of us, we had some biking, some bamboo train riding and some more biking. Today’s biking started on a short stretch on the main road but we came onto the gravel road fairly soon.  It is always so good to hit the gravel roads as they are less busy, more scenic and much safer. The bamboo train runs from a small place Called Phom Ta som and when Fredrik ordered the train thjey said it would come for 11, then they said two small bamboo trains would arrive at 10, then they said there was two other trains coming before the bamboo train so we had to wait and finally they told us the bamboo train stopped going on the line. The language barrier was a fact, we walked around for a while to get a different answer but it seemed no one knew what was actually going on so we ended up going back on the same road we came but after a bit we went on a different road which was great. They failure to get the bamboo train was annoying but the groups seemed happy anyway. After 40 more kilometres we finally reached highway 5 where we stopped for the day. 72 km, no bamboo train but loads of nice cycling.

Today we also visited a little school in the countryside and played some music, played games and took photos. The kids seemed a bit nervous to start with but after some time they enjoyed having these 9 foreigners visiting their little schools. It is interesting to go to these kinda rural schools. It makes you wonder how their lives are going to be. Will they ever make it outside the city…or will they stay in their little village their whole life. I hope the latter.

Tonigt we stay in Purast, a mediumsized town with a few hotels, a new monstrous palace kind of house and with a river. We have ordered our breakfast for 5.30 so now it’s time to try to get some sleep.

Catch you tomorrow


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