Day 3 From Kampong Speu to Kampong Chhnang

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Today we set off while it was still almost dark & had breakfast by a local market. As dawn broke we cycled along a straight stretch of paved road for the first 14km. We had our first stop by a lake covered with pink lily pads. It was a nice cool morning but the temperature soon heated up.

We passed through various villages all of which had a huge number of locals out waving & shouting “hello” to us. On some of our stops we took some photos of the children & they were delighted to see them back on the screen.  Some are really shy & back away but most of them love to come over & are full of curiosity.

I’ve never seen so many cows just strolling along the streets, at one point we had to weave our way around them. You never really know what’s going to cross the road, it could be a cow, dog, hen, duck, there was even a couple of pigs on the side of the road today.

At one of our water stops we were shown the fruit from a cashew nut tree, there is only one nut per fruit. We also saw some mango trees & passed lots of rice fields.

The road wasn’t so bumpy today which was good for my aching wrists as they were becoming pretty painful.

When the bike ride was over for the day we went back to our hotel to clean up & then got tuk tuk’s to a shanty town which was a very interesting trip. We had a walk through the market there & took some photos of the floating village & then headed off for dinner.

I’m totally exhausted now so I’m off to recharge my batteries  for another day on the road.






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